The "Branding and..." Video Series

A series of online videos to shed light on branding so a better job can be done by all. Done from the consumer's viewpoint in a humorous style reminiscent of Apple's ads.

A New Series of Videos on Branding
Know anyone who doesn't "get" branding? If so, this series should set them straight.
This intro text isn't needed because the videos below speak for themselves. They really do. So...

Watch, squirm, laugh.

VIDEO 1 talks about the power of the consumer.
VIDEO 2 addresses the fact that consumers are assaulted at every turn.
VIDEO 3 talks about automation being a poor substitute for the human connection.
VIDEO 4 speaks about "brands that display signs of intelligent life" and uses Start Trek as a springboard for this script. Some might call it "Store Trek." If they do,  that's their decision, not ours.

Once you've viewed these, let's talk about what we can do for your brand.

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