How Does a Russian Co. Create an Unforgettable Launch?

Skin care is a highly competitive category and finding a unique position that can disrupt amongst the categories was demanded of this project. From brand identity to art direction and package design, this solution rose way above the "usual product launch" approach to make it rather impossible to ignore.

Having a message is good. Being heard is better.
In Russia, the most proven system for health and beautiful skin is the "banya" which Americans would think of as a sauna. But there's more. Birch leaves to exfoliate the skin. And there's a traditional "wardrobe" one wears in such a sauna. All which laid the foundation for this product launch that was impossible to ignore.
As shown above and below, the energy was contagious as these male models wore the traditional wardrobe of "the banya", complete with birch leaves.
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