Glob Colors Package Design

Redesign of brand and package design for GLOB PAINTS by David Brier

Breathing New Life into a Kid's Product
Glob Paints came to use with the need of a rebrand. Changing the product line line from Glob Paints to Glob Colors, we began with isolating the product and simplifying what it was for immediate clarity on the retail shelf.

The typographic styling became a key tool since the previous package (shown at the bottom, scroll down to see) used lettering that appeared to be done with watercolor paint, but forfeited legibility.
• We replaced the pouch with a custom-designed box that could stand or hang.
• We introduced clean product photography on the box which the previous package lacked.
• We developed a clear hierarchy of information on the front so the consumer knew what they were getting.
• The sides of the box became a key piece of real estate to demonstrate the beauty of watercolors while making the box instantly recognizable on the shelf.
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