Dunn Brothers Coffee Branding

New branding for Dunn Brothers Coffee to elevate branding to the amazing standard of this excellent coffee company that's been around since 1987.

I love great brands that have an untold story.
A story that is real and relevant that would engage their customers.
That was the situation behind this new brand refresh for the Dunn Brothers brand.
The design inspiration was to capture the feel and flavor of Italian food markets and the revival of handcrafted chalk typography seeing a renaissance in my my roots (Brooklyn, New York). 
In terms of brand personality and story, the video below captures that personal approachable feel which I wrote and directed.
In addition, here's just a "sound bite" to give you a sense of the story we're starting to share.
Since 1987, we’ve respected the beans we’ve curated, the farmers with whom we’ve partnered and the craft of in-store roasting we’ve perfected to discover, awaken and share our obsession with flavor and taste.
Certifications and winning reader polls were simply not enough.
It’s been the satisfaction of bringing each customer the most aromatic and satisfying coffee beverages and espresso drinks we could create, while pursuing the next great discovery to share with our fellow coffee lovers.
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