Branding: Undew Skin Care logo, naming, package design

Undew Ski Care is a new product line that required name development, logo design, brand identity, package design and a product launch video that was a hit when presented to the 2,000+ sales reps in a recent conference. Turn your speakers up. Select full screen. Watch the video. Share the excitment.

The challenge for a new anti-aging skin care product:
Develop the name and brand identity for this anti-aging new skin care line that needed to successfully work in the US, Mexico and Korea (and not have a name that meant something offensive or inadvertently sacrilegious).
Then develop a luxury package design.
Then conceive, design and create a product launch video for 2000+ reps.
The first 4.5 seconds of the video below are pitch black before a single image comes on-screen. For an exact reason. Over 2,000 sales reps knew they were going to be introduced to something new. They simply had no idea exactly what. So, the first sequence of this video, presented entirely in a pitch black room, consists only of sounds, rain, ambiance to set them up for what would follow in this video.
The result? Insanely wild enthusiasm, sales through the roof and one really happy CEO.
Given how crowded the anti-aging category is, the concept that led to the name is this:
Life has moments when we wish we could turn back the hands of time.
Sometimes it’s because of little mistakes.
Sometimes it’s because we’re now a bit older and wiser and realize we could’ve done something a bit better.
Other times, we wish for an “undo” button to reverse a moment of something said or done when the “send” button was pressed a moment too soon.
Well, now there is an “undo button" for one part of living life.
Undew is a unique formulation that is designed to combat this one part of life: aging.
Due to today's sugar-rich foods and high carbohydrate diets, blood sugar is higher than optimum. The result is sugar molecules append themselves to our body's protein cells, making the body and its cells work harder and less efficiently (called glycation). The outome is that bodies age faster than they should, making us each look and feel older than we actually are.
The solution?
Undew. Youth. Rebuilt.
Scroll down to watch the product launch video below.
Turn your speakers up and watch full screen if you can.
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