Botanical Bakery Cheese Snaps

Carrying on the legacy of Botanical Bakery's color-infused assault on the shortbread world, the next goal was liberating man caves of predictable flavors and formula packaging. The new Cheese Snaps product line required a color range so dramatic, life, taste buds and retinas would never ever be the same again....

Botanical Bakery Cheese Snaps:
Botanical Bakery's foray into the gourmet shortbread cookie category redefined a staid and old-fashioned category, infusing it with a bold, fun and colorful new personality that turned heads, wowed editors and won awards. Now what?
As a designer, I thoroughly enjoy the brand personality of Botanical Bakery but it constantly challenges me to uncover new color combinations and squeezing colors out of CMYK that seem almost impossible. NOTE: There were NO spot colors used here at all. Just unconventional combinations that popped off the page!
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