5 Ways to Create a Brand People Give a Sh*t About

I wrote this to help educate clients, designers, peers and colleagues on some common pitfalls that can prevent a brand from achieving greatness. It has as of September 2013 been viewed over 103,000 times by people from around the world.

Over 103,000 people have viewed this presentation on Slideshare. The original post appeared here and sheds light on 5 core obstacles that can stand in the way of you and your brand achieving greatness.

Professionals agree:
Viewing this full screen is most beneficial.
(If you experience enthusiasm or inspiration lasting longer than 4 hours, seek refuge in a local coffee house ordering only decaf for a couple of hours.)
To advance the presentation forward, simply run your cursor toward the right-hand side of the "slide" below, and click. Or if your on a mobile device or tablet, tap the right-hand side to advance to the next slide.
Concept, art direction, copy, design: David Brier
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